HopeFULL Testimonials

"When I was in the hospital my throat was very sore and those popsicles, they kinda tasted good in my mouth."
- Emma, 5 years old, in remission from Neuroblastoma


"We are very grateful for the HopeFULL system and look forward to continuing to use it to prepare healthy, tasty treats for Emma while she's going through the rest of her chemo treatment."
- Keriann G


"You offer something for the body, the mind and the spirit...and it would be a great gift for someone to give somebody who is in need right now."
- Joan Steffend, My Talk 107.1


"As a pastor, I am aware of many parishioners who find it difficult to eat when they are sick. The HopeFULL Company features nutritious ways to make "popsicles" full of flavor and nutrition. Most people who are ill can enjoy a frozen food that is soothing. It's a great idea to incorporate that into a ministry at church. I have personally tasted this home-made food in "popsicle" form. It is wonderful."
- Father Harris, St. Bridget's of River Falls Wisconsin


"I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to come across your product at Lakewinds Co-op. Although I don't have cancer, I have had issues with eating for nearly a year. I was just recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and your product helps me get the nutrition I need in an easily digestible form. Thank you again for the great product and all the great recipes!"
- Lakewinds Natural Foods Coop customer


"I recently received a HopeFull Gift Pack from a close member of my family. I was diagnosed with Philadelphia Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia last January, and I've been undergoing intensive chemotherapy ever since. The HopeFul meal pops are quite literally a miracle. The therapy I'm on at the moment makes me either hungry ALL the time- making me crave terrible food- or makes me not want to think about food at all. Two different extremes. With the kit and recipes, I'm able to eat healthy portions with all amazing vitamins and nutrients. The perfect portion sizes keep me satisfied so that I don't feel the need to continually eat when it's not necessary- its also just enough so that when the time comes when my mom has to force me to eat, I don't have to push myself to get nutrients; they're all packed in the little pop, and they taste fantastic. I just wanted to shout-out and say thank you so much for the wonderful company - I support you 110% and recommend this product to all the other families who are going through things like I am. The recipes are especially great for the children's hospital where I go to receive treatment! Thanks for no more dread when it comes to hospital food, I just bring/make my own!"
- Ellery N, 15 years old


"I am glad you're doing such good work with your product and are giving back to children that are feeling the effects from their chemo and radiation. I, too, had radiation treatment and know all too well how devastating it can be not to be able to eat and recover properly...thank you for your wonderful idea and giving back."
- Melanie P.


"I was just recently made aware of your company through a news article and wanted to write and let you know that I'm impressed! I've watched people very close to me lose their battle with cancer. I watched my grandfather in the late stages of Parkinson's disease - entirely unable to eat, and I've watched my three-year-old niece completely turn her nose up to any food besides sweets and candy. This is a brilliant solution."
- Melissa A.


"I had gastric bypass surgery many years ago to help control a rare disease that makes me unable to eat solid foods for long periods of time. Nothing tastes good, fruits and vegetables are impossible for me to eat and yogurt only gets me so far. Thanks for providing a new avenue to get what I need to be as healthy as I can be. I will also use it for my dad who is dying of COPD and would have gladly used The HopeFULL Gift Pack for my mother who had lung cancer. Great idea and thank you!"
- Vicki S.


"Congrats on your product. I will not only be purchasing this for my grandchildren but also for my mom who is 93 and residing in a nursing care facility."
- Debbie H.


"BeautiFULL, healthy, thoughtFULL and all made with the intensions of love and healing... A bundle of good vibration that will most certainly boost the body and spirit of those who receive this wonderFULL gift!! Brilliant..."
- Romy A.


"I was sedated today for a procedure... when I got home I was slightly nauseated without much of an appetite, so I had a frozen HopeFULL! It was just what I needed!!"
- Shannon O.


BellyFULL Testimonials

"We made the Superpower Pop and my family absolutely loved it. My three year old asked for seconds and I said, "SURE!"- why not? It is full of nutrition goodness! As a mother and Dietitian I am very excited about this kit and would recommend it for any family!"
- Clancy H, mother of two and Registered Dietitian


"We made the Applesauce-a-saurus yesterday afternoon and it was great! I put the extra mixture in a bowl for the younger one to have and he totally enjoyed it too. This afternoon we made Apricot Rocket and both of my children thought it was great. Fantastic work! Easy to make, easy to include the kids, healthy fun snacks for all!"
- Sara, mother of a 5 year old and 14 month old


"We are absolutely LOVING The BellyFull Kit! My boys call them the "Best Popsicles EVER" and my oldest son keeps asking why I didn't start making these sooner! We've gone through countless batches and my kiddos have been known to eat 2 or 3 pops at a time which is a.o.k. with me since they are loaded with nutrients." There are so many great recipes in the book that include so many wonderful ingredients. They make a great after school snack, a great "on the way to hockey" snack, a great breakfast side dish and a great desert after supper. I try to keep at least three different flavors in our freezer!"
- Jamie Schultz, mother of two, author of the blog This Lunch Rox


"My 17 month old daughter had an adenoidectomy and did not want to eat anything. On the third day I gave her a Royally Yummy BellyFull pop and she ate! She loved it and I got some good nutrition in her while she recovered. Bellyfulls were just what we needed!"
- Kelley C.


"This is an ingenious product. It's so much more than a popsicle mold. It's a way to help medically fragile children and adults get whole foods and delicious nutrition via a frozen pop. I'll be offering tips on how to incorporate it into feeding therapy, too."
- Melanie Potock MA, CCC-SLP, National speaker on the topic of "feeding" and helping children learn to be more adventurous eaters


"We made our first BellyFULLs today. We made Sea Breeze. My 3 year old loves them. She has had two already. And thank you so much for your quick reply to the question that I submitted online. I am impressed you took the time immediately to call and especially on a Sunday. My kids loved the BellyFULLs! We look forward to trying more recipes!"
- Jean M.


"We made Monkey Business and Superpower Pop yesterday and they all had popsicles for breakfast - and I felt perfectly fine about that! I found the recipes simple to make, including healthy and easy to find ingredients. I was expecting to spend several hours in the kitchen, and was so pleased and surprised to have made two sets of popsicles in less than 45 minutes. My 2 year old just had stitches in his upper lip and we were told to feed him popsicles. The BellyFULLs could not be more perfect for this situation. Rather than feeding him frozen sugar, he is getting fruit, yogurt and vegetables in a frozen treat. While eating things that he is fond of, my son tends to make a lot of noise. He sat eating his Superpower pop, singing out loud while chewing. Given that he is my pickiest eater, I deem this a complete success and I cannot wait to try the other recipes. Thank you for your creative and fun way of helping us to experiment with healthy eating. Yeah BellyFULLs!"
- Rachael, mother of 6 year old and 2 year old


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